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What is the meaning of ‘median’ in a meme?

MEDIAN (Median age): a person in his or her prime who is expected to live to the same age as someone who is not in his/her prime.

The term is sometimes used to refer to a person who is close to the median age, as in “he is 22 years old, but he will turn 33 in January” or “she is 19 years old and will turn 24 in January.”

MEDIA (Media, entertainment, news): a large, influential group of people with similar interests, tastes, and beliefs who share similar goals and objectives.

MEDIA MECHANISM (Mechanism, operation): an organization or product that employs or creates a specific process or method to convey a message or provide services.

MEDIEVAL CAPITALISM (Capitalism, Socialism): a system in which economic or political power is concentrated in a few hands.

MEDI-TECH (Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence): an advanced, interconnected system that uses computer technology to deliver information, provide services, and communicate with other people, all of which can be automated.

MEDIVAC (Medication, inject): a medication that stimulates the body’s production of antibodies that bind to specific types of viral particles, which in turn are used to produce antibodies that attack and destroy viruses.

MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY (Technology, Medical): a branch of science and technology that deals with the development, manufacture, use, or distribution of biological or medical products.

MEDICARE (Medicare: Federal Employees’ Health Benefits Program): a federal program that pays for health insurance for the civilian population.

MEDIUM MEDIUM (Small: One-quarter to one-half of a pound: One pound equals 1,000 grams, or one-fourth of a cup of coffee; one-quarter of a gallon: 1 gallon equals 4 liters.

Smaller: One quart to one gallon: One gallon equals 3.5 liters, or two-thirds of a pint; one half gallon to one litre: One liter equals 7.5 milliliters, and half liter to one quart: One half gallon equals 5 millilitres.

Medium: One pint to one pound: 1 pound equals 4.5 cups, or about 3 ounces of sugar.

Small: One ounce to one liter: 1 ounce equals 4 grams.

MEDIU (MEDIAN): a one-dollar coin, commonly known as a dollar bill.

MEDL (Mean) or MEDOL (Mediant): a half, one, or three-tenths of a percent, depending on the source.

MEDOMOD (Mediterranean meal, Mediterranean diet): a diet that has been developed for a limited time, usually around a holiday, or a time of year when eating out is not common.

MEDOPATENT (Plain old plant, not edible): a food that is not eaten and is not suitable for human consumption.

MEDRAX (Medroxyprogesterone acetate): a hormone used to treat hypogonadism and to increase bone mass in postmenopausal women.

MEDRAPID (Medrona: an antidepressant that has a longer half-life than other antidepressants).

MEDRATE (Medrally: a person treated for depression who also has a diagnosis of depression and a treatment plan that includes medication): a term used to describe an individual who has completed an ongoing medication program that has led to a successful outcome.

MEDRO (Medrol: a pill: a small, flat pill).

MEDROM (Medrogin: a medicine): a single dose of medication administered to an individual to treat symptoms of a medical condition.

MEDSAGE (Messages: messages that are sent to a specific audience, such as a message to an employer, family member, or friend.

MEDSEX (Measures, standard deviations): a number of units of measurement used to represent the amount of variation in a population from a given baseline.

MEDSUBSCRIPTION (Meds: a type of medicine that is sold to the public, not prescribed, and that is used to manage symptoms of conditions such as arthritis, depression, headaches, and insomnia.)

MEDSWAP (Medi-Swap: a method of combining two or more medications, in a single dosage, that is more effective than one drug.

MEDTAX (Monthly income tax: an annual income tax calculated on your tax returns.)

MEDUTIONS (Medical products): medical supplies, medical supplies used to diagnose and treat illnesses, medical products used to prevent and treat illness, medical items that are used as a medical treatment, and medical items used to protect and protect persons or property.

MEDUTY (Medical, medical management): a group of medical professionals who work in an organization, who may use their professional judgment to make a specific diagnosis, prescribe medications, and administer medical treatment.

MEDWEB (Web: a web page): a site accessible

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