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Common Sense Media|medio Tiempo|median About Trump and Kim Jong Un meet at UN General Assembly

Trump and Kim Jong Un meet at UN General Assembly

Now Playing: Trump meets with Kim Jong-un on North Korea summit article Now Play: Trump announces Iran nuclear deal Now Playing (Exclusive) The Trump administration and the State Department say they are committed to working with Iran to reduce the threat of terrorism, and they are considering ways to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Now Playing Trump announces Iranian nuclear deal (Excerpt) Now Playing President Trump and the US Treasury Secretary are meeting today to discuss the nuclear deal with Iran.

Now Play (Exotic animals are everywhere in this city.)

Now Playing US President Trump says he’ll meet with South Korean President Moon Jae-in in Washington tomorrow, and he says he’s going to “keep a good relationship” with the country.

Now What’s On: In Washington, Trump and Moon Jae are set to announce the nuclear agreement with Iran, which the Trump administration says has reduced tensions between the US and North Korea.

The US also announced that the US will continue to deploy a massive naval base on the South Korean peninsula, and Trump is set to sign an executive order on military action in response to North Korea’s missile test.

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