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Otitis Media Treatment’s ‘Treat Me’ video for Otitis media

Otitis is the second song from Otitis’ forthcoming album, Treat Me.

The track opens with the line “It feels like I’m getting older.”

After a quick intro, Otitis introduces “Treat me,” which follows the usual “let’s go to the studio.”

The song quickly cuts to Otitis playing guitar on the guitar and vocals.

After the beat, Otosis sings “let me see your eyes” and then continues playing the guitar solo.

“Till I wake up I know you’re always there,” Otitis sings.

After singing, Otos sings, “let it all go/ Let it all be my way/ Let me take you to heaven.”

Otosis’ lyrics are a nod to Otias history of addiction, which began when he was in the military.

Otitis has a history of being in and out of rehab and mental hospitals.

He recently signed to Epic Records, where he is slated to release a new single in 2018.

Otosis is currently working on his sophomore album, Otoses first release since 2014’s Get On Up.

Otos song, “Til I Wake Up,” is one of Otitis newest releases.

It was released as a bonus track on Otitis latest album, the album is titled Otosis Media Treatment.

Otoses song is a nod at his addiction to prescription opioids.

“I was going to get an IV in a couple of weeks, and I had an opiate addiction,” Otoses daughter, Alexis, tells MTV News.

“It was a big part of my life, but now I have this new life, I feel like I can control myself and I can do this.”

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