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Minister of Communications, Culture and Tourism releases list of top posts

The minister of communications, culture and tourism, and the head of the Tourism Department have announced the names of the cabinet ministers who will be in charge of the department and its departments.

They will be the heads of the ministries of finance, industry, public administration and foreign affairs.

In the first cabinet meeting on May 25, they announced the following names:Yahava Katz, head of finance and taxation; Aravi Alon, head and vice chairman of the Culture Ministry; and Rafiq Fathi, head in the finance and economics department.

In their list, they also named the minister of culture and education, who will supervise the department’s cultural programs.

They said the new cabinet will have the power to decide on cultural matters that are related to the state of Israel and will have access to all information and documents that are provided to the public.

The cabinet members will also be responsible for supervising the department on issues of national importance and security, according to the list.

In addition, they will have to prepare a list of ministers in charge and their responsibilities.

The list is based on a list provided by the Tourism Ministry in 2016 to the Cabinet for consideration.

The ministry has not announced any details about the ministers, other than saying they will serve for five years.

The current cabinet has 13 ministers.

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