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How Twitter will pay for social media marketing | Axios

Twitter is spending $1 billion on a new social media analytics platform, with the company announcing it will spend $100 million on a “Twitter for Marketing” initiative to create an ecosystem of apps and tools for social and analytics marketing.

Twitter is spending a reported $1.4 billion on new social analytics products this year, according to data from Kantar Media, and its $100 billion social advertising spending is expected to increase to $2 billion by 2020.

Twitter has built its brand on creating powerful and engaging social media platforms for brands and businesses to communicate with each other and their followers, but it is also investing heavily in social advertising, a form of paid marketing where ads are delivered to users’ Twitter feeds.

Twitter’s new social marketing strategy is designed to give brands and advertisers access to a deeper and more integrated platform for analytics and other services that allow them to track and measure brand performance, behavior, engagement and other key metrics.

The company said it will add tools that allow brands to create and manage analytics platforms to better measure the health of their brands.

“We’re building the tools to connect brands with the tools and insights they need to drive more efficient campaigns, drive better results, and grow faster,” Twitter Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey wrote in a blog post.

“With this strategic investment, we’re building a platform that allows brands to better understand their brand and deliver better results for them.”

The company said Twitter will also provide the tools for companies to monetize analytics on the platform through tools like “analytics dashboards,” “market research dashboards” and “analytic data feeds.”

Twitter will pay $100m in cash, with other assets and debt coming from the existing stockholders, and $50 million in cash from a Series D Series E financing, according a person familiar with the deal who spoke on condition of anonymity because the deal was private.

Twitter will also give investors a $10 million convertible bond.

Twitter’s stock is trading at about $19.99, down about 20% this year.

The company is also putting together a new research and development center for the company’s analytics capabilities, the person said.

Twitter is expected spend $10 billion in the next three years on new technology, the new hires said.

The social advertising platform Twitter will launch on July 1, 2020.

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