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How to use social media to help your cause

On the day the election is called, how will your social media presence affect the outcome? 

The results will be the deciding factor for both candidates, but it’s not just about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Plus.

In this post, we’ll walk you through how you can get involved in the race and use the internet to promote your cause.

Here’s how you might get involved: 1.

Make a campaign Facebook page or a video Facebook page and share it to your network.


Create a video or a Facebook Live session to get the word out.


Join a campaign, rally, or rally group.


Participate in a community-building activity with your friends or family.


Help spread the word about the campaign by writing about it on social media.


Participated in a campaign or rally, participate in a rally or rally gathering, or attend a community event.


Create an article, a video, or a radio spot on your own social media network.

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Volunteer for the campaign.


Make an event or an event poster.

This is an opportunity to create an advertisement that will help the campaign raise funds and reach out to more people.


Write an email to your local election officials and the candidates’ campaign team.


Find out how you’re going to spread the news about the election, and if you can help.

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