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How to save money on your TV set

We have all been there: you are paying $500 to watch the NFL, and you have two hours to kill before your television is on.

But you need to make a decision quickly, because the network might be canceling your season and/or rebranding you as a newscaster or a reality show host.

You have to be quick.

So we talked to a few TV experts, and we came up with the five best ways to save on your set.


Get a Roku.

The Roku is a cord-cutter’s dream.

You can stream a live feed of NFL games, NFL playoff games, and NFL highlights to the TV from your Roku box.

It has a full-featured video player and the ability to switch between shows in real-time, so you can catch up on the NFL on TV and on the go. 2.

Get an antenna.

You might think you can get away with a $300 antenna, but it’s worth it.

The cheaper the antenna, the better the signal.

If you’re buying an inexpensive antenna, we highly recommend buying a 50-foot-long one.

That way, you’ll be able to get your antenna to a height of 20 feet and be able see the channels.

And because it has no wires, you won’t have to carry around a meter and dish to hook up your TV.

You’ll also have the option of having it plugged into a computer or even a TV tuner.


Set up an internet streaming service.

While most cable providers offer internet streaming services, you can still get great streaming speeds by using a web-based streaming service like Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime members get $9.99 per month for unlimited streaming and access to Amazon’s video library.

You get access to more than 200 movies, TV shows, and shows for just $14.99 a month.


Pay for a Roku bundle.

If your family’s budget is limited, the Roku bundle could be the best option.

You could pay $150 for a 4K UHD Roku 4.

You also get a cable TV subscription, and your family could watch shows from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and more.

The bundle also includes a Roku streaming stick, a Roku TV tuning kit, and an adapter to connect the Roku to a TV. 5.

Save on your cable modem.

The best option is to get a DSL modem that’s a $150+ piece of equipment that you can hook up to your cable box.

This will allow you to stream channels to your TV, and then connect the TV to your computer and other devices.

For the price of $25, you get unlimited internet, a DSL router, and the capability to access your TV over Wi-Fi.

You’re getting a cable box that can be hooked up to a router.

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