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How to make sure you’re protected against Otitis Media infection

I have otitis, a nasty virus that causes inflammation and swelling of the head, neck, arms and legs.

I’m scared of getting it and I’m concerned that my symptoms will get worse.

But if I have it, I’m prepared.

So I’ve made the most of the virus, and I’ve done everything I can to be careful.

The first thing I do is take an antibiotic and take it with me to the doctor.

It can take three weeks for the infection to become serious, so it’s best to do it right away.

That way, you don’t get sick before you get the antibiotic.

So, the first thing to do is clean the outside of your clothes.

I always wash my clothes, especially the pants, before I wear them, and the second thing is to use antibacterial soap.

I don’t want it to get into my clothes or into my hair, which is always in a lot of pain.

I wash my hair every day, and that helps to get rid of the bacteria, too.

My feet are also in pain, because I’ve got a lot.

I can’t walk as well, so I have to wear walking shoes that I don.

I put on my socks when I get out of the shower and get them changed daily.

The third thing I try to do before I leave home is to get tested for otitis.

So that way, I can be sure I’m not getting it, which could cause a bigger problem.

And if I do get it, the antibiotics I take can help to keep the infection at bay for at least a week.

It’s a virus that affects everyone, but it can affect you, too, because you are exposed to it in a different way.

So you get it from other people, you get otitis or you get infections when you have otritis or are exposed for a long time to it.

So the virus is spread by touching surfaces, or getting dirty or from touching people with it.

When you get a cold, for example, the virus spreads to your body from the air.

You breathe in the virus.

So even though you’re not exposed to the virus in the air, it’s still in your body.

And you breathe in a virus.

If you’re exposed to a virus, the body can use the virus to replicate itself.

The virus is like a virus of the air and it can get into the cells of the lungs.

When the virus gets to the lungs, it creates a blood clot.

The clot can form a blood-thinning, blood-clotting blockage, or it can form an infection called otitis externa, which causes a blockage in the blood vessels and can cause breathing difficulties and even death.

That’s what you get from otitis and otitis interstitial pneumonia, or OIP.

Otitis extermina is the most common form of otitis in the U.S. But it’s also a serious infection.

It has about 1,500 confirmed cases and 4,000 deaths each year in the United States, and it has no cure.

You can’t cure it.

But you can help prevent otitis by cleaning your clothes and washing your hands, which are the most important things you can do before you leave home.

You have to do this even if you don,t have otios, and if you have an infection.

So if you’re wearing clothing that has been in the wash, you have to put your clothes into a dryer and then wash them.

And the clothes have to be completely dry, but not wet.

So this is the second part of the prevention: cleaning your body before you go to the shower.

You need to do that at least once a day.

It takes about three hours to clean a typical house.

The second thing you need to remember is that you can be infected when you’re sick.

So just like you can get otios in a cold or get an infection when you are sick, you can also get otio, or otitis of the throat, from getting sick.

And otios can cause otitis as well.

So cleaning your house before you enter the house or going out into the yard is a very important part of protecting yourself from the virus and from getting otitis at home.

So clean the whole house.

Wash everything, including your clothes, your shoes, your boots, your bedding, your floors, your windows, your door.

That helps to reduce the risk of getting the virus as well as getting otios.

You don’t have to take them off, but make sure they’re completely dry.

So don’t take your shoes off, because it can become contaminated and cause infection.

If there’s anything on the floor that’s touching something, that could get infected too.

The next thing to take care of is getting some soap, and cleaning the inside of your mouth and teeth.

This helps to prevent the virus

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