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How to make sure you’re paying your share of the cost of your news

article article Google’s new media bias check tool is available to publishers to help them determine whether they are paying their fair share of cost for content.

The news publisher will be able to see if their article has been paid for by a source they can directly link to or if their headline has been adjusted in the article to fit a target audience.

Google says that the new system will help publishers to “better align their content to their audience and more accurately measure the impact of their content on consumers”.

“It’s a simple but powerful tool to help publishers know if they’re paying enough for their content,” said Mark Mahaney, Google’s product manager in media.

“We hope it will help more publishers get to the point where they can actually show that content in their article.”

Google says the new tool will be rolled out to all news publishers this week, and will be available to everyone from news outlets that have opted into its new guidelines.

The tool is already available to the media aggregator The Verge.

It has been downloaded over 15 million times and will soon be available for everyone.

Google has already made changes to its guidelines for what it considers to be acceptable content to publish, with new guidelines now set to apply to news and news related content, along with stories that have been updated since the rules were first published in January.

“Our goal is to make the news more relevant to people by providing more accurate, up-to-date, and fact-based information,” Google said in a blog post.

“In addition, we hope the new guidelines will help make it easier for people to access the content they care about.”

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