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How to identify mass media and digital media solutions

By Michael S. SmithMass media definition: A media organization, or service, that offers a platform for sharing and distributing content, and provides a platform to engage consumers in a conversation with the media.

The term was originally used in connection with the internet, but in recent years has been applied broadly to a variety of media products.

Mass media solutions:A term used to describe a product or service that offers content and services, typically without requiring a subscription, but without requiring the consumer to subscribe in order to use it.

For example, Spotify offers a subscription model.

Digital media definitionA term commonly used by the media industry to describe the type of services or products that can be accessed and used on a daily basis, such as on mobile devices or the web.

Massively open:An organization or product that has a large, vibrant community, and a growing number of members that contribute regularly to the organization, including those who contribute through social media, e-mail, social media communities and blogs.

Massive open is a term that was first used by LinkedIn in 2015.

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