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How the Patriots got to the Super Bowl

The Patriots were a good team last season, but their talent was limited by injuries and the inability to score touchdowns.

They didn’t have a great quarterback or a star wide receiver.

They struggled in the postseason and missed the playoffs.

New England has had a better quarterback this season, and that might be one of the reasons it was able to make the playoffs despite a bad record.

So it’s not a surprise that the Patriots were able to keep Brady in place this offseason.

That means they could potentially have a quarterback this offseason, and with the Patriots’ cap situation, it’s hard to see that happening.

Brady is owed $20 million through 2020, and his cap hit is set at $16.8 million.

New York has the right to match that, but it doesn’t appear they’re going to do so.

Brady has already made it clear he won’t be a free agent this offseason and the Patriots could be looking for a quarterback.

The Patriots are likely to bring back an old friend to replace Brady, but they’re not going to be able to afford a replacement.

They could have the best player available and they would likely be the one to sign him to a long-term deal.

They also would have the flexibility to let Brady walk after this season.

The New England Patriots have signed three free agents this offseason to two-year contracts, and the salary cap for next year is set to rise by $4.3 million.

The top five free agents on the roster for next season are: LB Jamie Collins, CB Marcus Gilchrist, CB Devin McCourty, WR Julian Edelman, WR Nate Washington and TE Martellus Bennett.

The biggest free-agent acquisition for New England was WR Julian Edwards, who will earn $8 million this year.

The Pats also signed DE Jabaal Sheard to a three-year deal.

That’s a good sign for the team, and if they don’t want to lose Edwards, the Pats could try to sign Edwards to a one-year, $5.8-million deal next offseason.

The second-highest paid free agent was WR Martellius Bennett, who was set to make $9.8 mln this season but is set for $8.8 in 2018.

Bennett’s deal is worth $13.4 million next season, so that makes him the fifth-highest-paid receiver in the NFL next season.

That would put him at the top of the Patriots salary cap.

The most expensive signing is TE Martelle Elliott, who is set $11.2 mln next season and is set up for a $7.9 mln average salary in 2019.

The team also signed WR Devante Parker, who signed a five-year contract worth $14.2 million.

That makes him second-most expensive wide receiver in NFL history behind Aaron Hernandez, who made $20.6 mln last season.

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