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How social media can help a business fight back against the trolls

In a year filled with online threats and harassment, some businesses have been trying to stay ahead of the curve by adding tools to their platforms that can keep trolls at bay.

The tech industry is a major player in the fight against trolls and other online predators.

For instance, Facebook has said it will be adding an “ad-free mode” that can be used to limit the ability of people to post content.

Some tech firms also have added tools to the platforms that give users more control over what they see.

Facebook’s social network also is rolling out a new feature that allows people to remove comments that they don’t like, including ones they disagree with.

Google has added a “like button” that allows users to like any post on a topic.

Twitter has added an option for users to mute posts that they dislike.

Snapchat has said that it will expand the way people can share images and videos on its platform, including by allowing users to filter the content that they see by gender, race and age.

LinkedIn, the social network for professional workers, said it is adding tools that allow employees to block or mute users that have been abusive, such as those that have posted racist or misogynist messages.

And Amazon has been expanding its tools for managing customer service issues.

“We’re working with hundreds of thousands of people on Twitter every day,” Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, told the Associated Press in a video address last month.

“This is one of the reasons we’re working so hard to make sure we’re the best service on the planet.”

Amazon is also expanding its service to allow customers to use the service to request a discount or offer to make a special offer.

And Microsoft announced a new tool to help employees better manage their online presence.

Microsoft has said its new online tools allow people to “block, mute, and report harassment and hate speech.”

“We are proud to work with thousands of companies to build a robust and comprehensive solution for their customers,” Bill Gates, the chairman and CEO of Microsoft, said in a statement.

“The platform is designed to help companies better protect their online reputation, so people are more productive and have a more positive experience online.”

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