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How much did your social media use cost you?

Cyberlink media Suite, which provides access to social media, video and music on smartphones, tablets and TVs, has raised $2.5 billion in venture capital funding led by Amazon and Alibaba.

The deal is part of a broader push by Alibaba to disrupt the smartphone and tablet market.

Analysts expect the deal will create an even larger player in the market for mobile video streaming, but it is unclear how much that will cost.

Analytically, Alibaba is looking to expand its reach to people in China’s vast cities who are not necessarily internet users.

It will also be looking to compete against Facebook, which is still struggling to establish itself in China.

Alibaba and Amazon have been trying to bring Chinese internet users into the mainstream.

They have launched an ambitious video streaming service, called Alibaba Video, that is offering Chinese viewers access to over 2 million channels, as well as a slew of music and video streaming services.

The company also recently launched a music streaming service that will allow users to access music from their own music library.

Alibaba is also a pioneer in video streaming by offering its own video app.

In its recent earnings report, Alibaba said it would add about 100 million new users this year alone.

However, analysts expect the new revenue stream to be a small fraction of the company’s total revenue this year.

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