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Fox News ‘Bass’ Ratings Drop in August

FOX NEWS Channel is down 4% in the key advertiser demo for its primetime network news program “Bass” in the second quarter, according to Nielsen Media Research.

The newsmagazine’s average for the quarter was down by 1% in total viewers and 18% in primetime.

The average for primetime was up by 1%. 

The numbers were worse than what Fox News saw in August when it was down 5% in prime time.

Fox News was a prime time prime-time advertiser in the demo, according the numbers, with more than a third of its total viewers coming from prime time (23% in Q2). 

Bass had the biggest declines in the prime time demo.

The primetime average of its prime-times was down 6% in viewership, and it was also down by 3% in advertising dollars, with less than a tenth of its ad dollars spent in primers. 

In the total viewers, Fox News had a decline of 4% while Bass fell 6%.

The primers were also down 3%. 

Nielsen Media Research’s “Batch” ratings for the day of the broadcast was the same as in August, with CNN and MSNBC down 2% and 1% respectively. 

The company also said in a statement that “BASS has consistently outperformed the primetime averages for its weekday shows.”

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