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Common Sense Media|medio Tiempo|median About Fireplace Media console: The best console to play video games

Fireplace Media console: The best console to play video games

ESPN Crikey’s Jason Noche is back with a new article for Fireplace.

Jason Noche joined ESPN in 2012 as the senior VP of media and brand, where he oversaw content strategy, video and social, and business development.

Noche also previously served as Vice President of Product and Strategy for Fox Sports, and as VP of Media Strategy for the NFL Network.

Prior to joining ESPN, Jason served as VP and General Manager of ESPN Digital, where the company produced content across all platforms including ESPN3, ESPN Deportes, ESPN FC and ESPNU, as well as a number of other platforms including NBA Live, the MLB Network, NBA TV and the ESPN App.

He was also the president of content for, where his team helped launch the ESPN Insider, ESPN Insider mobile app, and the first-ever NFL Insider app.

Nche is a member of the Editorial Board at ESPN and is a founding member of The Sports Group, a group of media executives, journalists and bloggers dedicated to making the sports media more transparent, engaging and compelling to the public.

Follow him on Twitter @JasonNoche.

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