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A rare image of a dolphin in the wild

Posted September 13, 2018 05:22:58As the first sighting of a living dolphin on Treasure Island has been captured on video, the locals are hoping to track it down and bring it back to the island to be exhibited in a museum.

A photo posted by Chris Dickson (@dickson_chris) on Sep 13, 2017 at 05:24:21A video posted on the island’s official Instagram account by Chris (@chrisdickson) on September 12, 2018 shows a dolphin swimming in the shallow waters near the resort, the capital of Bali.

Dolphins have been seen in Bali before, but this is the first known sighting of an adult dolphin.

The video, posted by @chris_dickson on Instagram, shows the dolphin resting in the water.

“We know it’s a baby, but we want to get it back home to show the world what we’re seeing,” Bali Mayor Kita Kita told ABC News.

“We’re hoping to bring it to Bali so people can see it in its natural environment.”

The footage shows the child-sized dolphin resting on a small rock, with its eyes closed, its head tilted slightly and its tail tucked in.

Its skin is light brown, with a tuft of fur on its belly.

It has white stripes along its sides, and is not wearing a mask.

Bali’s Dolphin and Whale Watch said the dolphin is likely an adult.

“They are normally in their early teens, and are only seen swimming in shallow water,” the group said in a statement.

“But there was no way of knowing if they were juveniles or adults when they were photographed.”

“These animals have been spotted on Treasure Islands for many years,” the statement continued.

“They are also found in the waters of the Bali Sea.

These animals are a very rare sight and we hope they can be brought back home soon to have their story told.”

Dolphin sightings are not uncommon in Bala Aceh, a small Indonesian island known for its palm oil production.

In October, two fishermen captured a live dolphin in Baha Aceh in the Sea of Okhotsk, and another one in Bishkek, the largest city in the region.

At the time, the Baha Sea was considered a marine sanctuary for dolphins and whales, which is why the islanders named the area Bala Bala.

Bali, Indonesia’s third-largest island, is home to some of the world’s most pristine coral reefs.

But the dolphins are not the only endangered species on the world island, and many of its dolphins are threatened with extinction.

More than a million bottlenose dolphins are thought to be stranded on Bali alone, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Many of these dolphins, which can weigh up to 60 kilograms (115 pounds), live in coral reef communities and have no habitat.

They are threatened by industrial pollution and climate change.

Experts believe the dolphins, and other marine mammals in Balsas lagoon, are in grave danger.

“If the dolphins continue to die, it could have a huge impact on the whole coral reef ecosystem,” Dr. Lyle Hartwell, the head of the University of the West Indies Marine Institute, told ABCNews.

Kita Killa, a local fisherman, said that he would be interested in seeing the footage if he could find it.

While the footage may seem shocking, he said, he thinks the footage should have been taken long ago.

“I would love to know if they’re alive or not.

If it’s an adult, I would be so happy to see it,” he told ABC.”

The people here are so kind and so helpful and caring, so I’m sure they would care about the dolphin.”

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