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Common Sense Media|medio Tiempo|median Questions 10 Reasons To Get Your Game on the Xbox One X and Windows 10 – IGN

10 Reasons To Get Your Game on the Xbox One X and Windows 10 – IGN

In case you were wondering why you’re missing the ability to play your Xbox One games on Windows 10, Microsoft is making the announcement today.

In a blog post, Microsoft said that while it’s a lot of extra work for some people to get their games running on Windows, there are some really cool features that will make playing Xbox One and Windows games on the same PC as smooth and painless.

Microsoft said that for Windows 10 users, you’ll get access to a brand new Xbox One controller that includes new buttons for Xbox One, Xbox Music, and the ability for you to change controller inputs and volume for games.

It’s also getting an upgraded version of the Xbox Music app, and will let you access your music library directly from the Xbox app, making it easier to stream your music to friends and family on Xbox One.

It also adds support for games with high quality audio.

And if you’ve ever had a frustrating experience with Xbox Music streaming, Microsoft says that will be easier than ever.

As for Xbox Music on Windows and Xbox Music sync on Windows Mixed Reality headsets, Microsoft’s blog post explains that these are new features coming to Windows Mixed reality headsets that lets you stream music to your Mixed Reality headset and Xbox One console while you’re in the middle of playing a game.

Microsoft’s statement says:”For Windows Mixed-reality headsets, you can use Microsoft’s Microsoft Music streaming and music sync feature on Windows PCs, which works with Windows Mixed VR headsets and Windows Mixed headsets on Windows phones.

With Microsoft Music sync, you will be able to stream music from your Windows Mixed PC to your Windows mixed VR headset and vice versa.”

For Windows 10 gamers, Microsoft has also added an ability to import your music collection to Windows 10 devices with the new Music app.

Microsoft also added a new ability for your Xbox Live account to sync up with your Microsoft account to stream games and other entertainment to Windows devices on your Windows 10 PC and Xbox 10 console.

For Windows gamers, there’s also an ability for Microsoft to share games from Xbox Live with friends and relatives on Xbox 10 PCs and Xbox devices.

You can also share Xbox Live games from your Xbox 360 console to your Xbox 10 PC, Xbox 10 Xbox Live PS4, and Xbox Live PC with friends.

Microsoft’s statement also notes that the Xbox team is working on a new Xbox app for Windows that will let people share games with their friends and get access directly to your Microsoft Account.

The Xbox app is coming to Xbox One soon and will feature more music sharing capabilities and more ways to connect with your friends and fans.

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