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Rotisserie Chicken Bags provide the perfect combination of performance, product presentation and convenience. These reclosable, microwave-safe bags are mainly used by grocers to package hot, freshly-made Rotisserie Chickens as grab-n-go meals. When it comes to selling food products, attractive packaging is almost as important as the food product itself. That’s why our Rotisserie Bags are printed 5 colors, 2 sides with the most high definition toluene-free inks and made with anti-fog technology to prevent hot steam from affecting the bag’s clarity. Our bags feature a convenient die-cut handle for the end-user to easily carry their meal. Made from microwave-safe, high clarity cast polypropylene (CPP)Printed 5 colors, 2 sides with toluene-free, food-safe inksDie-cut handle for easy carryingReclosable seal allows the end user to seal in and save leftoversMade with anti-fog technology to ensure clarityContains 3 vent holes to release steam 

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Weight 10.88 lbs



12 3/4" X 9 3/4" + 6 1/2 BG