11 Types of Plastic Bags Used in Healthcare Packaging

June 25, 2019 Blog

There are strict regulations the medical and pharmaceutical sectors have to comply with when it comes to tamper-proof packaging, waste disposal, and transfer of medicines. Also, the bags in which packaging is done or the waste is disposed need to comply with the regulatory standards set for the concerned state, regarding plastic disposal and recycling. The bags need to be recyclable. There are a number of plastic medical bags or pharmacy bags used in these two sectors for various applications ranging from dressing disposal waste bags, specimen bags, and adhesive closure bags to bedside and respiratory setup bags. This post
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Why Choose Universal Plastic as Your Custom Poly Bags Manufacturer

June 19, 2019 Blog

Poly bags are one of the most common types of plastic bags, which are used to transport and store a variety of items. These bags are lightweight and possess a sleek design, smooth curves, and are flexible in nature. Poly bags are affordable, and available in a variety of colors and sizes. Owing to their versatility and popularity, today, it is easy to find several custom poly bag manufacturers in the US, and Universal Plastic stands tall among them. The company has been around for over twenty years, and specializes in custom poly bags. How is the company different from
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World Forecast to 2023 for Stand-Up Pouches Market

May 21, 2019 Blog

Stand-up pouches are laminated bags that are generally made up of either plastic or an amalgam of aluminum and plastic film. These pouches occupy less amount of space and need reduced packaging material than conventional packing methods like boxes and cartons. A typical stand-up pouch consists of many different features like zippers, pour spouts, release valves, and slider closures. Stand-up packaging safeguards the products against pests, moisture, odor, and vapor. Stand-up packages are completely customized for market purposes. Stand-up pouches are utilized in the single-serve beverages, pet foods and pet treats, confectionary items, breakfast cereals, snacks, and cookies. Factors Driving
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Why are Gusseted Poly Bags Popular in Professional Kitchens?

May 16, 2019 Blog

A gusseted bag is a bag that has an extra material piece added to its bottom or sides or both. This makes the bag very spacious. Although the gusseted bags can be manufactured using a wide range of materials, they are mainly made using plastic. The gusseted poly bags serve a wide range of purposes. They are great for kitchen use. These poly bags are the best option for packing and storing food items. Their creased sides can be expanded for accommodating bulkier items. As all the gusseted poly bags are manufactured using virgin resin, they abide by all the
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May 15, 2019 Blog

Custom poly tubing is capable of improving the lives of the people in many ways. All the advantages of poly tubing may not be known to the people, but this kind of packaging offers a lot of benefits. What is Flat Poly Tubing? “Poly” is the abbreviated form of plastic or polyethylene material. Flat poly tubing is referred to the plastic folding flat over a roll. The plastic film is light-weight, flexible, and possesses open ends. What is the Purpose of Poly Tubing? Poly Tubing serves a large number of important purposes: Poly tubing offers protection against dust, spillage, leaking,
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Avoid Costly Accidents During Rains by Using Proper Umbrellas and Accessories

April 30, 2019 Blog

Almost everyone indulges in happily celebrating the beginning of the spring season after the long, harsh winter months. While the spring season comes with budding flowers and higher temperatures, it unfortunately also brings rains. Although most of the people enjoy rains, it can be way dangerous than you can ever imagine. The wet and slippery paths can be the reason for major accidents. So, what is the solution to prevent such accidents and enjoy the rains with a smile? Prevent Accidents with Wet Umbrella Bags All the property managers and business owners of small and big organizations are aware of
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Why is Custom Poly Packaging Popular Among Users?

April 23, 2019 Blog

As an individual and as a business owner, on what basis do you judge your custom poly packaging? The basis on which you decide your custom poly packaging is very critical for your business. People usually value their polyethylene film based on the packaging quality, the service, and the price. The value that you are seeking in your custom product generally depends on various components, like the needs and requirements of your buyers, how the end users would utilize your product and their cost structure. The value point of a custom poly packaging is decided based on the industry it
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Red Rock an Universal Plastic Brand

January 23, 2019 Blog

With a perception that plastic bags are environmentally unfriendly, there are tons of people who have turned their heads from this alternative. While the bags certainly do have ecological drawbacks, there are also some beneficial aspects for the retailers, consumers and the environment that needs to be considered. With the massive numbers of bags that are being used for the purpose, you can surely understand the importance of plastic bags in the world. The bags are inexpensive, easy to carry and offer a multitude of other benefits that keep them the most preferred method for handling items. The main advantage
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Gain competitive advantage with these high-performance products

November 27, 2018 Blog

Plastic bags have been an ideal packaging choice for many industries owing to their reusable and durability characteristics. Plastic packaging products are now being used to cater to the growing demands for consumer products worldwide. These are available in a wide variety such as reclosable bags, plastic bags, trash can liners, gusseted bags, mattress bags, food bags, garment bags and much more. Moreover, with the advancement in technology and science, there has been a constant progression and enhancement in plastic packaging. Below mentioned are the major benefits that such plastic packaging products offer: Extremely flexible: Plastic packaging is extremely adaptable
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The Cold Is Almost Gone. Make Way For Warmer Weather With Ice Bags from Universal Plastic

September 17, 2018 Blog

Cold is all set to take a break; it’s time for the hot winds to define the nature. Well, we humans can do nothing about it, except preparing in accordance. So, it’s obvious if you are up for finding your own suitable Ice Bag. Good news is that there are excellent flexible Ice Bags available from Universal Plastic for the upcoming summer days. These do come with high-end customised wraps for providing greater flexibility in terms of its usage. These are absolutely organic or non-toxic. There are excellent heat compression packs one can find in this category as well. The
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